The Cruise

The organizers of the Never Give Up Cruise chose the name because of Lance’s refusal to give up. No one who worked harder to reach a goal than Lance. When he decided he would become a SEAL, it was his determination to reach that goal that drove him and resulted in his success.

The monies raised from this cruise will benefit military men, women, and children and the NSW Kids organization. Established in 2009, its mission is to foster innovations at their laboratory at the California Polytechnic State University College of Engineering. These innovations will improve the quality of life for those injured while serving our country, including active duty and veteran members of our military services and other public servants. As a result of their work our nations heroes will be helped to live, work and play.

Your financial support of the Never Give Up Cruise will be greatly appreciated by me, the NSW Kids organization and military men, women, and children. What a wonderful way to support our wounded warriors and show our appreciation for what they have given for our country.